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Diversity in Leadership

Pioneering Change in DEI

DEI Diversity Podcast Diversity Inclusion Podcast

LGBT Pride Means Standing in Support of the Black Community

"How Diversity Killed Authenticity":

TEDx Shoreditch

What is Pride?

"Unashamingly Me": My Message to the 2020 Graduating Class of York University, Toronto

it only takes one

Change can only happen when we are prepared to see another perspective; when we are prepared to evaluate our own preconceived notions; and when we are prepared to reflect. "It Only Takes One" offers bite-size short thought provoking views on a range of topics to inspire conversation. Subscribe HERE now to not miss an episode.

Podcast - FailureTuvia Borok
00:00 / 10:30
Podcast - Timing is EverythingTuvia Borok
00:00 / 09:46
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